[Dev] Working out a plan of action.

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 19:23:02 GMT 2017

 From reading, as a donor, I think some /public/ discussions are to be 
had on the following.

1) Whether the bits and pieces for the build server are purchased now, 
and in the right place.
		1.1) If not, gc4j could kindly give a quote on the weight and size of 
the computer.
		1.2) If not, emulatorman could kindly explain the FISL17 payments from 
their perspective.

2) Whether the /current/ entity, parabola, should remain not-for-profit.

3) A proper consensus on whether people should get paid to work on parabola.
	3.1) If so, how to work out who gets paid what.

4) Which future entity will manage the funds, and how they will be managed.

5) And anything else?


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