[Dev] Working out a plan of action.

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Thu Apr 6 19:41:50 GMT 2017

El 06/04/17 a las 16:23, Josh Branning escribió:
> From reading, as a donor, I think some /public/ discussions are to be
> had on the following.
> 1) Whether the bits and pieces for the build server are purchased now,
> and in the right place.
>         1.1) If not, gc4j could kindly give a quote on the weight and
> size of the computer.
>         1.2) If not, emulatorman could kindly explain the FISL17
> payments from their perspective.
> 2) Whether the /current/ entity, parabola, should remain not-for-profit.

That's for sure, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre will always remain non-profit

> 3) A proper consensus on whether people should get paid to work on
> parabola.
>     3.1) If so, how to work out who gets paid what.

We were planning to create a webstore to sell Parabola stuff (t-shirts,
hats, mousepads, etc), accessories (stickers, tatoos, keychains, etc.)
and services (libreboot + Parabola installation, Pentesting, etc.)
worldwide, so for that we were thinking about an offshore (nothing
definitive yet) to create a company (e.g. Parabola S.A.), *BUT* that
doesn't mean that then Parabola would be about money (talking about
point 2), we just want a more viable way to get funds for our hackers to
work full time for Parabola, so that they can work with and for freedom

> 4) Which future entity will manage the funds, and how they will be managed.
> 5) And anything else?

Not yet, :P
but define proposed topics.

> Josh
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