[Dev] Parabola OpenRC

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Fri Sep 30 22:45:55 GMT 2016

Hi Parabola community. I have planned a project, as the title says, for
creating a Parabola OpenRC installation. My idea is very simple, I´m not
thinking on creating Parabola ISOs with OpenRC (but would be a good
idea), just creating a base groups that installs OpenRC from PCR instead
of Systemd and replace packages that depend on Systemd with the ones of
the arch-nosystemd repo from here
https://sourceforge.net/projects/archopenrc/files/arch-nosystemd/ the
good news is that all the packages are in the official repositories but
without the -nosystemd suffix, except for plymouth (free software, used
by Trisquel) and mdm (Mate display manager, free software too). So in
theory there should be no problem in adding them into the official
repos, but if for some reason one day it begins to include non-free
software, you only blacklist it.

There´s also an important package which is desktop-privileges (you can
find it in the AUR and here
https://sourceforge.net/projects/archopenrc/files/openrc-eudev/), free
software too, is a collection of polkit rules to manage automounting of
removable media, suspend and hibernate actions and CPU frequency
settings, all its dependencies are satisfy with the Parabola packages,
except for udisks2-nosystemd (should be added into the openrc-desktop

My idea consists in creating two groups: base-openrc and
base-devel-openrc (you can use other names of course), which replaces
systemd with OpenRC and packages that depend on systemd like util-linux
with util-linux-nosystemd and so on.

The other option is to make the base groups with openrc and if you don´t
want to include the nosystemd packages you can add eudev-systemd (as the
provider for Systemd) and libeudev-systemd (as the provider of
libsystemd) on the base-openrc or base-devel-openrc group, to satisfy
the systemd-dependent packages. Personally, I prefer the first option.

If you approve my idea, I strongly recommend to add desktop-privileges
to the openrc-desktop group, because is important for graphical
environments (it is not in the arch-nosystemd repo). Please, evaluate
the arch-nosystemd repo and consider its inclusion or including its

I´m doing this proposal for all the ones that don´t like Systemd. I know
about all the polemic it has generated, but the reason why I do not like
it is because one day I turned off my PC, I was going to bed, but
Systemd did a bad job and it stayed on for all the night, and I would
not want that for anyone.

Last time I did a proposal was when I recommended the creation of a forum
some people answered, most of them liked the idea, but I got no answer
from the website developers or the people in charge of that. Maybe last
time my proposal was no very well elaborated, but that´s not a reason to
leave me and anyone without answer. I didn´t like that, but I that
doesn´t repeat.

Thanks in advance. Feel free to opine about this proposal!

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