[Dev] [consensus] Features vs. Privacy in nonprism repo

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Oct 7 14:20:34 GMT 2016

On 10/04/2016 06:02 PM, fauno wrote:
> IMO privacy related changes to packages that don't break things should
> be applied to any package, so +1 to backport them to [libre] and [pcr]!

In my opinion, [nonprism] should be optional since it was created to
remove a lot of services that uses global data surveillance programs
like PRISM [0], XKeyscore [1] and Tempora [2] (eg. Facebook, Twitter,
etc) from our apps (eg. nonprism version of pidgin only works with XMPP
and IRC). I suppose there are users would use those services from our
apps since it is not a GNU FSDG mandatory requirement to remove them.

Otherwise, iceweasel/icedove nonprism packages have various patches to
increase not just privacy, but yes security too (eg: iceweasel allows
whitelisting/blacklisting domains for purposes of cookies, popups, and
addon notifiers. With those hardening/security features, iceweasel
nonprism version loads, these lists revert to default settings, causing
all user-made changes to be lost [3] and a lot of websites doesn't works

Since it are hardening/security features like Grsecurity for our
Linux-libre kernels, i propose:

a) Backport **only** privacy features from iceweasel/icedove nonprism
version created from those patches to libre ones to increase privacy but
without break things or services.

b) Use those hardening/security patches from iceweasel/icedove nonprism
version and push them to new packages called iceweasel-hardening and
icedove-hardening in [libre] as optional way for all users similar than
our kernels (eg. linux-libre and linux-libre-grsec)

c) Remove nonprism iceweasel/icedove packages in [nonprism] because we
will have iceweasel-hardening and icedove-hardening and otherwise it
will solve this consensus :P


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