[Dev] [consensus] Features vs. Privacy in nonprism repo

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Oct 4 21:02:04 GMT 2016

Joshua Haase <hahj87 at gmail.com> writes:
>> Nonprism packages replace other packages in the same way that libre 
>> packages do. So I think 'nonprism' repo should also be activated by 
>> default.
> If there is a way to use nonprism by default and install the other
> version if needed, i'd vote for it to be activated by default.
> But this repo active by default and stopping you to use the other
> version is too invasive.

IMO privacy related changes to packages that don't break things should
be applied to any package, so +1 to backport them to [libre] and [pcr]!

(for instance, many arch packages contain o=rX permissions for files
where they aren't needed... wasn't there an arch-security comitee?)

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