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From: Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>
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Subject: [arch-dev-public] ANNOUNCEMENT: pacman hooks

Hi all,

We need an announcement that we expected to have everyone updated to
pacman-5.0 soon so that we can switch many things to using hooks.

There are at minimum three things I want to see using hooks in the near

1) info install
2) desktop cache updates
3) font cache updates

Each of these will require a rebuild to remove the install script
handling this.

If users are not updated to pacman-5.0 before this rebuild, there will
be no install script run and no hooks run.  Thus I want to make the
following announcement:

Required update to pacman-5.0.1 before 2016-04-17

The release of pacman-5.0 bought support for transactional hooks.  These
will allow us to (e.g.) run font cache updates a single time during an
update rather than after each font package.  This will both speed up the
update process, but also reduce packaging burden for the Developers and
Trusted Users.

In order for the use of hooks to be started, we require all users to
have updated to at least pacman-5.0.1 before 2016-04-23. Pacman-5.0.1
was released on 2016-02-23, so this will have given everyone two months
to update their system.


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