[Dev] [ARM] Parabola ARM Port progress

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Sat Mar 26 06:17:14 GMT 2016

Hi guys, i would let you know our current progress about tasks done and
needed to do:

Since only a small part of Arch ARM official packages are nonfree or
contain nonfree components, there's no need for us to repackage
everything and it's done. Those packages listed here below are our libre
replacements and customized ones.

== kernels ==

Kernels are being maintained by me and currently they are up-to-date and
100% done.

== bootloaders ==

U-Boot, U-Boot+GRUB and U-Boot+Extlinux are being maintained by me and
coadde and GRUB that is being maintained by coadde.

U-Boot -> 100% done (coadde's bbb and Gaming4JC's udoo are stable,
however we need another boards to check its stability)

U-Boot+Extlinux -> 30% done (tested and works stable in coadde's bbb) we
need boards for testing and porting.

U-Boot+GRUB -> 5% done (it needs more work since GRUB is under
development for ARM yet) [0]

== [libre] base packages ==

Those packages are being maintained by ovruni, isacdaavid and ebrasca.
It's 100% done, however if i'm wrong, please let me know.

== [libre] extra/community packages ==

Those packages are being maintained by ovruni, isacdaavid and ebrasca,
however there are packages as icecat [1], iceape and texlive [2] that
needs revision to port to ARMv7. How is it going its progress?

== [pcr] ==

It is under porting progress...

== [nonprism] ==

It isn't available for armv7h yet...

== blacklisting ==

blacklist all nonfree packages from ArchARM's AUR and ALARM
repositories. I think isacdaavid is doing it...


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