[Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-08-10] increasing security in Parabola, servers

pelzflorian (Florian Pelz) pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Tue Aug 2 08:09:42 GMT 2016

On 08/01/2016 11:52 PM, Luke wrote:
>> * Use a TOX server as XMPP replacement.
> +1. Simple to use, works on my slow internet, and doesn't require a
> central server (XMPP does require a centralized server, although it is
> "federated" meaning we could setup our own. Tox is still more reliable imo.)

As a user, I presume this is for private communication between
developers? I’m not quite sure how Parabola uses XMPP right now.

I haven’t used Tox, but the advantage of not using a centralized server
mostly means that you don’t need to worry about the server being
offline. Is it even possible for Tox to support delivery of messages to
offline users in the future? AFAIK XMPP as a protocol could in theory be
used without a central server. I don’t understand why they do not simply
use XMPP with GPG for a uniform standard.

Since for Parabola this is about software and not protocols, it probably
does not matter much. I don’t think Tox as a protocol is the right
direction though.

Florian Pelz

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