[Dev] Iceweasel and AppManage

Distopico Vegan distopico at riseup.net
Tue Jan 20 20:31:14 GMT 2015

> Are there a way to use it to develop apps without needs/depends
> nonfree stuff (FirefoxOS) inside iceweasel to be useful? [0]
> Maybe it could be solved if we'll create a rebranded and libre Firefox
> OS and Firefox OS Simulator to solve the freedom issues about it
> inside iceweasel.

FirefoxOs emulators is not included by default and non-branded FirefoxOS,
fierfoxOs emulator is an extension with MPL 2.0 license compatible with
free software, AppManager not recommend non-free software and
applications that comes by default in the emulator are MPL.

many firefoxos devices require non-free software to boot but
more devices need more non-free software to run android and most
applications one by default are non-free but still parabola distribute
packages for that platform because they are free

Parabola should leave enabled a feature that is free, and debian
trisquel do.

¿Que plataforma es más facil de que se vuelva libre o adaptarla a libre?
¿FirefoxOS o Android?

What platform is easier that becomes free or adapt it for free?
¿FirefoxOS or Android?

FirefoxOS has fewer devices more feasible now, these devices would
operate only with free software (basically wifi, bluetooth)
that google android with all the restrucciones, java is more complicated than html5 and js

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