[Dev] mirror redirector!

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 28 00:01:33 GMT 2015

On Sun, 27 Dec 2015 11:23:06 -0500,
fauno wrote:
> http://kiwwwi.com.ar/pastes/parabola.lainventoria.com.ar.conf.html
> what it does is serve local files directly and redirect unknown requests
> to an arch mirror using the last second of request time as "random"
> seed.

The implementation is beautiful in its simplicity!

I don't like directing to Arch mirrors.  They've agreed to offer their
services to Arch, not us.  But, I do think that an automatic
redirector to Parabola mirrors would do a lot to alleviate the
concerns; it seems that a lot of the issues are because the load on
mirrors is so uneven.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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