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Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Mon Dec 15 07:57:07 GMT 2014

Tobias Platen <tobias at platen-software.de> writes:

> There is also triangulation which makes it possible to track a cell
> phone, even if it ran free modem firmware.
> On 13.12.2014 11:32, Olaf Buddenhagen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 01:06:44PM +0100, Garreau, Alexandre wrote:
>>> Replicant is supported by only some phones, not always completely, and
>>> I know only one or two phones are really acceptable: others give to
>>> the detached and proprietary modem the control on CPU, RAM, IOs, etc.
>>> and hence is not secure (especially in the post-Snowden era: NSA can
>>> take the complete control of phone only by sending microwaves on the
>>> phone).
>> This is a somewhat academic threat IMHO: while it's certainly true that
>> such a hardware design could be used for spying in theory, I don't
>> believe it's realistic to do mass surveillance this way -- especially
>> when your device is running non-standard software. It could be used for
>> targetted attacks against high priority subjects -- but if you think you
>> might be among these, you shouldn't use mobile phones at all...
>>> I mean, with free software, you???re getting a phone more secure than
>>> most of presidents, dictators and kings/queens on Earth, that???s
>>> amazing! :p If Merkel used that, she wouldn???t had made spying of
>>> German state possible x)
>> Actually, it was "only" her party phone that was snooped upon, which was
>> an ordinary off-the-shelf phone. The official "state" phone is a special
>> solution that uses an encrypted data channel for communication; and I'm
>> pretty sure the firmware can't be upgraded over the air...
>> The attack on an ordinary GSM phone doesn't require any kind of access
>> to the actual phone. GSM voice connections do not allow end-to-end
>> encryption -- and the GSM protocol is so insecure, that anyone with the
>> right equipment can snoop upon any phone in the same cell. (Or even
>> beyond? Don't remember the details...) Also, any GSM call can be snooped
>> upon if the attacker has access to the backbone network, which was
>> probably the case here.
>> Free software on your phone won't save you from this -- even if you had
>> free modem firmware.
>> -antrik-
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For information Parabola is *trying to* start to works on a fully free
port for ARM.

Like every type of project we need more hackers!

So you are all welcome to join.

The goal is to make ASAP a fully free ARM port and next a fully free ROS
that will works with it.

That mean, fully free solution for the internet of things and robotics.


Aurelien Desbrieres

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