[Dev] Parabola on the Raspberry Pi

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Dec 13 18:19:08 GMT 2014

> it was speedy up to the moment of linking and compressing the package,
> but it saved me a lot of time even with only one slave.

This reminds me that we should make a list of target milestones and
packages that we want to support.  Some nice targets: Eclipse, xmonad.
distcc surely won't help with Java or Haskell compilation.

> what i'd like to see though is a way to bootstrap a pkgbuild based
> system using only cross-compilers, like openwrt.

OpenWRT, Android, etc have all their packaging work specifically
designed for cross-compilation.  It's not like Arch where everything
assumes native builds on x86.

> i've built
> cross-compilers succesfully (since i needed them for the cross distcc
> slaves...) but never got to actually build a complex mips64el package
> From an i686/x86_64 host.

It's hard.

> tl;dr: we need a generic way to create parabola ports!

Or bootstrap from Debian?  (No need on ARM.)
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