[Dev] People Still Banned #1

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 13 23:38:03 GMT 2013


At Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:44:00 +0200,
Gravi wrote:
> Fish-head Fauno;
> We've waiting enough for you to take a decission!
> Just do something to make your mom be proud of your birth and speak
> about our ban and the terms to be readmitted.
> You haven't the right to do whatever you like and then hide yourself nor facing the consecuences of your actions. 
> Neither a single word has left your snout after the ban, so be a man!
> If this mail has no effect again, I warn you we'd send another one to your mail, an then, one more... so... I'd recommend you avoid the resulting laments taking action right now.
> P.D: Lukeshu, of course I know you're reading and wanting to
> reply. I'll propose you to waste your energy making fauno start to
> move his single neurone, instead of writing ghostly and
> self-pleasant words, which you've proved that you've already
> mastered.

Dude, I've been speaking in favor of your un-ban since day one.

I have OP powers to do that; but I've been waiting for one other
developer to be in favor of the action.  One.  That hasn't happened.

Now, I don't read every message posted to IRC; I skim what happens
while I am away, and search for any mentions of "luke".  So, it's
possible I just missed it.

I speculate that the reason nobody else has discussed it is that it's
unpleasant.  Nobody wants to deal with it, so they just let others do

Anyway, I've semi-successfully started a conversation now.  smv agreed
with the unban.  A couple of others favored giving you a second
chance, but felt it wouldn't last long befor you are banned again.

So, I've just lifted your ban. (I think. I've -b'd you to the
channel, but the bans still show up in `/msg chanserv flags
#parabola`, so let me know if you can't get on).

We've begun drafting a policy for this, you might want to take a look
at it: https://wiki.parabolagnulinux.org/IRC_Policy

Happy hacking,
~ Luke

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