[Dev] people banned from irc for harrassment

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Thu Sep 5 17:03:43 GMT 2013

I have been silent on this issue over the developers mailing list. And I guess this is the time I will express my concerns.

lukeshu wrote:
>The only part of fauno's actions I dissagree with are the one-day ban
>of icarious; I would have just discussed it with him/warned him.

That's exactly how I wanted it to go and I have asked for a proper clarification. But that's best done "prior" to a ban and not after it. 

As things got to this, that everyone is speaking clearly from their sides. I would like to clarify the consequences of this "Abrupt/without-discussion/warning" (one day) ban on me. One day or a minute, to be honest I am personally affected by this which I will discuss in the end. Firstly, I have always maintained a neutral stance on parabola without any personal favoritism "up until the ban" and always kept a friendly attribute with everybody.

lukeshu wrote:
>Note that jxself (and Basstard` in exhibit 5) express that they do not
>condone the behavior of Gravi and GuestOne, whereas icarious excuses
>their behavior.

Playing with the pbot is the part of fun I have always played on #parabola since a few days as did Basstard`, Gravi, and a few others and is not "excusing" anyone's behavior. 

pbot's "sunday is: the day all trolls swarm to #parabola, avoid at all cost to remain sane." as programmed by me is again part of a humorous environment like all other "Steve-Ballmer/Bill Gates" queries it still has. This does not reflect my "Support" for GuestOne's sexist comments towards taylanub. 

"or for allowing it/laughing at it." as quoted by fauno seems to be a misinterpreted accusation. The smileys / "laughing at it" are part of my everyday behavior over #parabola over the course of 2 years and wasn't targeted towards someone specific "guys, bully this guy while I laugh at it" And in the same manner, I am not used to "stop this non-sense". And I don't think its wrong to stay aloof, if that's my personal preference.

lukeshu, as quoted "I've noticed the sexism before, but mostly ignored it or left the channel.". It was mostly his way of dealing with it in the past. And the "neutral aloof stance" by me is my way of handling it and my smileys were meant to trim down the conversation to a much lighter level.

But surely and unfortunately, it's not possible for me to go through a lie detector test to prove my actual intentions as clarified above. So it's upto the Concerned Authority of Parabola to take it as it appears in the channel for a ban.

Lastly, there are two points that did hurt me in personal and I would like to clarify it today.

1) fauno's unilateral ban without discussing and asking for an explanation from me before coming to a decision.
2) In accordance with the above Point 1), It saddens me to see the consistent /topic of #parabola everyday which I take as a public humiliation itself. Surely the developers would realize it someday sooner. 

Lastly, there are a lot of unspoken words from my end. But I will leave this here. 

Thanks for reading,

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