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Fri Jun 7 08:56:31 GMT 2013

Issue #20 has been updated by mtjm.

Assignee set to mtjm
Priority changed from wish to bug
Start date changed from 02/27/2012 to 07/15/2013

I believe it's more important than a "wish" and I can do it (not before exams).

This occurred recently: a new ruby version with new soname was available, and a new graphviz version.  This is the dependency graph:
graphviz -> ruby -> graphviz
fullpkg decided to build graphviz first, then ruby, thus making the graphviz Ruby binding not work: it needed the version of ruby available when it was built.

Running fullpkg on ruby instead of graphviz would make the other order, so it cannot be decided correctly by the script.

I believe this should be decided manually by the user, with fullpkg detecting the cycle and failing.  (The real solution in this case was to build ruby ignoring the graphviz update, or build graphviz twice, releasing the new one only.)

Other situation where this is useful:
a -> b -> d
a -> c
if d fails to build, it's still possible to build c, fullpkg currently won't do it.

Bug #20: [fullpkg-find] rewrite order creation

Author: mtjm
Status: open
Priority: bug
Assignee: mtjm
Target version: 

Use a depth first search of a directed acyclic graph (while checking that it has no cycles).  Don't assume that it's a tree (it isn't, there are examples for this in abslibre-mips64el), don't count depths in the graph (they are useful only when showing it, but this assumes it being a tree).

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