[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #345] [libremakepkg] Breaks distcc

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Sun Jun 9 18:24:13 GMT 2013

Issue #345 has been updated by lukeshu.

% Done changed from 0 to 50

The temporary fix was to add an -N flag to enable networking during build() and package(). https://projects.parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libretools.git/commit/?id=724cc90d771d840c4579e3b2443cad21fd6fe231

I've "implemented 'distcc-tool'":https://projects.parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libretools.git/commit/?id=f6f0731eecd61783a8b907fc0c40ccefce177869, which can be used to tunnel distcc out. I haven't integrated it with libremakepkg yet.

It is used like this:
host# distcc-tool odaemon /path/to/chroot &
chroot$ distcc-tool idaemon "$DISTCC_HOSTS" &
chroot$ DISTCC_HOSTS="$(distcc-tool rewrite "$DISTCC_HOSTS")"

The only dependency that isn't in base-devel is 'socat'.
Bug #345: [libremakepkg] Breaks distcc

Author: lukeshu
Status: open
Priority: bug
Target version: don't break and confuse parabolers

Because networking is disabled during build(), distcc cannot run.

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