[Dev] Iceape-libre is now available on [libre] repo and completes the "Debian Internet Pack"

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Sun May 13 15:51:48 GMT 2012

Hi parabolers, as you know, Parabola has Iceweasel and in the last week
Icedove-libre was released, but remained one to complete theDebian
Internet Pack.

The names established by Debian were Iceweasel for Mozilla Firefox,
Icedove for Mozilla Thunderbird, and Iceape for Seamonkey.

So, André Silva (Emulatorman) began creating a libre version of Iceape,
without non-free addons and non-free searchplugins including the
advantage provided by Iceape to distribute the software with
modifications permitted, without being bound by the use of trademark
requirements that the Mozilla Foundation had invoked.

*Iceape* is an Internet Suite distributed by the Debian project. Iceape
is based on Seamonkey. The Debian project aims with Iceape to provide a
version of the Seamonkey internet suite which is kept in synchronization
with upstream development of SeaMonkey while removing the proprietary
artwork and plug-in repositories used in the official release by the
SeaMonkey//Council, which are classified as non-free by free software

Since today, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre has the libre version of Iceape on
[libre] repo, thus completing the Debian Internet Pack for your freedom!
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