[Dev] Iceape-libre is now available on [libre] repo and completes the "Debian Internet Pack"

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Sun May 13 16:02:35 GMT 2012

Em 13-05-2012 12:51, André Silva escreveu:
> Hi parabolers, as you know, Parabola has Iceweasel and in the last
> week Icedove-libre was released, but remained one to complete
> theDebian Internet Pack.
> The names established by Debian were Iceweasel for Mozilla Firefox,
> Icedove for Mozilla Thunderbird, and Iceape for Seamonkey.
> So, André Silva (Emulatorman) began creating a libre version of
> Iceape, without non-free addons and non-free searchplugins including
> the advantage provided by Iceape to distribute the software with
> modifications permitted, without being bound by the use of trademark
> requirements that the Mozilla Foundation had invoked.
> *Iceape* is an Internet Suite distributed by the Debian project.
> Iceape is based on Seamonkey. The Debian project aims with Iceape to
> provide a version of the Seamonkey internet suite which is kept in
> synchronization with upstream development of SeaMonkey while removing
> the proprietary artwork and plug-in repositories used in the official
> release by the SeaMonkey//Council, which are classified as non-free by
> free software advocates.
> Since today, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre has the libre version of Iceape
> on [libre] repo, thus completing the Debian Internet Pack for your
> freedom!
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OBS: *Marcio (coadde) participates too in the Iceape-libre creation.
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