[Dev] Icedove-libre is now available on [libre] repo

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Wed May 9 07:59:49 GMT 2012

> For a long time our primary mail was Thunderbird, but a libre version
> with free addons eliminating non-free addons, but thunderbird has a
> issue; this program has non-free trademark licensing.

The specific problem is that it disallows selling unmodified copies and
requires rebranding modified versions, the second part isn't a problem
(since modifications already require changing the program; other free
programs like TeX have a similar requirement), except when someone
modifies it to e.g. not recommend nonfree addons while not rebranding

(Would call it one of available mail clients, haven't seen it named a
"primary mail".)

> Debian Icedove exists for two purposes; because of the trademark
> issues, and in order to meet Debian quality standards, but this
> program is not free because contains non-free addons and non-free
> searchplugins.

We don't call such programs nonfree.  Addons are recommended, not
included; aren't searchplugins trivial files stating how to access an
external search engine (we don't run these, so they have different
problems than free or nonfree software)?

> So, Márcio Silva (coadde) and André Silva (emulatorman) began creating
> a libre version of Icedove without non-free addons and non-free
> searchplugins including the advantage of free trademark provided by
> Icedove.

Icedove is a trademark?

(This will probably make having a Thunderbird-like mail client on
mips64el easier.)
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