[Dev] [issue352] [truecrypt] Package is non-free

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Thu Jan 26 01:12:42 GMT 2012

aloniv added the comment:

I just took a look at the license page here:


Note that I assume "no-charge" means that you cannot charge money for modifications you make 
to the software hence it is unclear whether whether the license is free or not:

Portions of the source code of Your Product not contained in This Product (e.g., portions added by 
You in creating Your Product, whether created by You or by third parties) must be available under 
license(s) that (however, see also Subsection III.1.e) allow(s) anyone to modify and derive new works 
from the portions of the source code that are not contained in This Product and to use, copy, and 
redistribute such modifications and/or derivative works. The license(s) must be perpetual, non-
exclusive, royalty-free, no-charge, and worldwide, and must not invalidate, weaken, restrict, 
interpret, amend, modify, interfere with or otherwise affect any part, term, provision, or clause of 
this License.

status: resolved -> chatting

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