[Dev] Votation about Xonotic game (Nexuiz fork) on Parabola

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Feb 10 21:50:06 GMT 2012

> 2) YES, but I would like to have it on libre repo.

The "libre" repo is for anything not specific to another repo or a
single user, so it probably should be there.

> 3) YES, but I would like to have it on social repo.

Is it useful on personal servers?

> 4) YES, but I would like to have it on a custom repo or a new custom
> repo e.g: games. (please, if you have a name to create a new repo for
> this game, please give us a suggestion)

It's not useful to have a repo for a single package.  Having a separate
repo for games would be confusing, since we have games in other repos
like extra or libre (and moving them would have other problem).

The typical way to separate games in other distros is to put their
binaries in /usr/games and to require the user to be in the games group
to run them.  We probably don't do this.

Thus I vote for 3, assuming that there are other users wanting to
package or play this game, and a user can choose between our Arch's old
and free Nexuiz, our Xonotic, or both at once to be installed (unless
for e.g. technical quality reasons the Nexuiz package will be removed).

Since it's based on Nexuiz, it would be very nice to have a separate
PKGBUILD for data used by the game, with different source file, so
packagers (especially ones not planning to play the game) don't have to
fetch/upload it for building the arch-specific package.

(I rarely play games and my machines don't have 3d graphics acceleration
or stable drivers for it.)
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