[Dev] [RFC] Redesign and reimplement the blacklist

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Tue Apr 24 10:46:24 GMT 2012

> +1 if it includes a conversion script to the current blacklist.txt so
> dbscripts and other don't need to be immediately rewritten.

It can be easily written, using abs to get names of packages built from
each source.

> it could also be brought to the gnu-linux-libre list so we have a common
> blacklist. an OtherNames field can be put up if the package name
> changes.

A script could export it to wikitext using

Some difficulties with using the same blacklist for multiple distros are
that the ones known to me use different ways of replacing packages, get
some problems fixed in upstream distros and use different package

> also a Version field, since some versions listed on the FSDG list were
> already upgraded on parabola

Noticed this after posting here.  It should clear state that it's the
last version where this was checked, not e.g. the first one.
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