[Dev] Our own gplv3 pastebin tool on Parabola

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Apr 22 14:38:23 GMT 2012

> Here is a suggestion to have our own free pastebin for Parabola.
> This can help to enlarge and keep solutions on trouble relative to
> Parabola.

Does any of many pastebin clients included in our repos work with free
server-side software?

If we want to host a pastebin, do we really need one?  labs.parabola.nu
accepts text in issue descriptions and notes, and supports file
attachments for e.g. whole build or X logs.  We could more clearly state
that it can be used for support questions.

(Please report bugs if you consider using labs.parabola.nu difficult or
if you know what changes to make to improve it.)
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