[Dev] audacious-plugins-libre PKGBUILD

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Oct 27 16:33:21 GMT 2011

> arch/my-PKGBUILD diff: http://pastie.org/2767216

Please use "git diff" or "diff -u" to make unified diffs, they are
easier to read and can be used by patch.

I prefer writing mksource so that it doesn't fetch the upstream source
if it was already fetched, this makes debugging such functions much
easier.  There are probably more PKGBUILDs using wget like yours.

> I have sifted through to check for copyright problems and found none
> other than the two that were in 2.5-libre (psf and usf) which prohibit
> commercial usage.

Where exactly psf prohibits commercial usage?  Its MIPS emulator without
any licensing information might also be a problem.

> I have added --disable-psf to allow it to compile without whining
> about the missing plugins I deleted; however, currently, people
> compiling from source with simply ./configure will recieve and error
> and will have to work it out themselves or read the PKGBUILD to see
> the note I put in.

It's common to need to pass arguments to configure or edit configure.ac,
Makefiles, or source files for a package to build.  It's not a problem
generally, although patching the source to not try to build psf would
be more elegant (the build system might make this difficult).

> I think my license=(), and therefore arch's, is wrong, as the package
> is a bundle of plugins of type GPL, LGPL, and a bunch of custom BSD
> looking ones. I'd like comments from others before I try to fix it.

It should list all licenses.  I haven't done this for
e.g. texlive-core-libre, although here it would probably not take a very
long time.
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