[Dev] audacious-plugins-libre PKGBUILD

Brendan Tildesley brendan.tildesley at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 12:32:40 GMT 2011

I've spliced together the arch PKGBUILD for 3.0.4, the out of date 2.5 
from parabola, and a little of my own tidying up into this PKGBUILD:

arch/my-PKGBUILD diff: http://pastie.org/2767216
old 2.5-libre: http://pastie.org/2767386

which is my first attempt at making a -libre package.

I have sifted through to check for copyright problems and found none 
other than the two that were in 2.5-libre (psf and usf) which prohibit 
commercial usage.
I have added --disable-psf to allow it to compile without whining about 
the missing plugins I deleted; however, currently, people compiling from 
source with simply ./configure will recieve and error and will have to 
work it out themselves or read the PKGBUILD to see the note I put in.
I have build, installed and used the package on x86_64 without any known 

I think my license=(), and therefore arch's, is wrong, as the package is 
a bundle of plugins of type GPL, LGPL, and a bunch of custom BSD looking 
ones. I'd like comments from others before I try to fix it.

Also, the -libre source is currently on my VPS until <fauno> or who ever 
gives me repo access and I learn how to do those kind of things.

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