[Dev] [issue224] Check if a package being updated changes soname of an included library

Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Wed Oct 26 17:15:37 GMT 2011

New submission from Michał Masłowski:

Reporting it here, since packages sometimes break due to changed sonames of
libraries used (issue220 is a recent example).

This algorithm if used by db-update or a similar script should be able to find
the problem without waiting for user reports:

upload of package P:
  for each library L in P:
    write P provides L
  for each used library L previously in P:
    if L not in P:
      for each package Q using L:
        rebuild Q
  for each binary B in P:
    for each library L used by B:
      write P uses L

"rebuild" here means "report to an architecture-specific list that a rebuild is

"libraries" are ELF shared objects, considered different when having different
sonames.  We could do the same for Python modules built for different Python
versions, or packages for GHC, SBCL, etc for different exact versions of these

Having a different package name and being able to install several different
versions of the same library would solve this without needing to wait for a
packager to rebuild all packages using the library, although it would require
much larger changes.

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nosy: dev_list, mtjm
priority: feature
status: unread
title: Check if a package being updated changes soname of an included library

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