[Dev] [issue224] Check if a package being updated changes soname of an included library

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Wed Oct 26 18:38:18 GMT 2011

El 26/10/11 05:15, Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) dijo:
> New submission from Michał Masłowski:
> Reporting it here, since packages sometimes break due to changed sonames of
> libraries used (issue220 is a recent example).
> This algorithm if used by db-update or a similar script should be able to
> find the problem without waiting for user reports:
> upload of package P: for each library L in P: write P provides L for each
> used library L previously in P: if L not in P: for each package Q using L:
> rebuild Q for each binary B in P: for each library L used by B: write P uses
> L
> "rebuild" here means "report to an architecture-specific list that a rebuild
> is needed".
> "libraries" are ELF shared objects, considered different when having
> different sonames.  We could do the same for Python modules built for
> different Python versions, or packages for GHC, SBCL, etc for different exact
> versions of these packages.
> Having a different package name and being able to install several different
> versions of the same library would solve this without needing to wait for
> a packager to rebuild all packages using the library, although it would
> require much larger changes.

supporting several versions of the same library is a no-no for archway lovers :P

does it happen often? are they always the same packages? are they ours or arch's?

i know this happens for mplayer-libre with x264 updates and unarchiver with
gnustep's. is there a reason why the program links to a versioned lib instead
of the lib? iirc .so.xx are symlinks to the actual .so files and the binaries
work ok with the dirty and old symlink one-to-the-other fix.

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