[Dev] [issue292] Migrate to a free syslogd Was: [syslog-ng] man pages are nonfree

Charles Roth cer at encyclomundi.org
Mon Dec 12 16:16:52 GMT 2011

What about writing the devs and asking them to change their license, explain all the free distro's that will have to drop them...

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 04:11:08PM +0000, Nicolás Reynolds (Parabola Issue Tracker) wrote:
> Nicolás Reynolds added the comment:
> Mtjm discovered syslog-ng documentation is unfree (cc-nc-nd), so I'd proppose to
> change to another one, since providing it without documentation turns it useless.
> Current options on repositories are: rsyslogd and metalog.
> Rsyslogd seems too much, and metalog announces itself as tinier than syslog-ng.
> The problem is that:
> * Does it's own logrotate (but it doesn't gzip them)
> * The /var/log tree changes (from everything.log to everything/current in the
> default log)
> * It runs as root so the files created are root:root instead of root:log (users
> on the log group aren't able to read log files)
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> title: [syslog-ng] man pages are nonfree -> Migrate to a free syslogd Was: [syslog-ng] man pages are nonfree
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