[Assist] Armv7h Package -Murmur/Mumble - No upstream update

ryan rysa88 at posteo.net
Fri Jul 15 06:06:44 GMT 2022

The upstream (Archlinux arm) murmur package for armv7h (which we pull
from them) has not updated despite serveral sucessful builds on x86_64,
which (according to the archlinux arm website) should have
automatically built on armv7h etc after this (but has been like this
for months). I have tried to contact upstream to rectify this as the
updates to protobuf and grpc packages break murmur (as the latest
x86_64 build are built against the newer versions of these), however I
have had no response via email from them and the only other way to
contact upstream for this is via a forum that requires non-free
javascript to use. Does anybody know what best way to contact someone
to rectify this?

Many Thanks 

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