[Assist] Gnome CRASHED after downgrade

Jonathan Lapointe lapointe.jonathan at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 00:05:39 GMT 2018

My Bad! I just realise that in my /etc/pacman.conf I had the repository 
nonprism, and that by using Gnome with GEO, I was not allowed to.  So I 
remove it and now its fine (no privacy).

On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 4:33 PM, Jonathan Lapointe 
<lapointe.jonathan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Recently, I have installed Gnome on my parabola. It work well but I 
> did a pacman -Syu and It give this:
> :: Synchronizing package databases...
>  nonprism is up to date
>  kernels is up to date
>  libre is up to date
>  core is up to date
>  extra is up to date
>  community is up to date
>  pcr-testing is up to date
>  pcr is up to date
>  libre-multilib is up to date
>  multilib is up to date
> :: Starting full system upgrade...
> warning: evolution-data-server: local (3.30.1-1) is newer than 
> nonprism (3.28.5-2.nonprism1)
> warning: gnome-online-accounts: local (3.30.0-1) is newer than 
> nonprism (3.28.0-1.nonprism1)
> warning: gnome-settings-daemon: local ( is newer than 
> nonprism (3.26.2-1.nonprism1)
> warning: grilo-plugins: local (0.3.8-1) is n ewer than nonprism 
> (0.3.5-1.nonprism1)
> warning: webkit2gtk: local (2.22.2-1) is newer than nonprism 
> (2.22.1-1.nonprism1)
>  there is nothing to do
> Previously I did downgrade those package but then I was unable to 
> boot again util I Upgrade the same package at what there was before.  
> Why this thing happen.  Downgrading make my system unable to boot 
> again and I would like to be able to be nag about this warning in the 
> futur.
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