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Thu Oct 11 02:29:54 GMT 2018

On 2018-06-05 20:03, Adonay Felipe Nogueira wrote:
> Just an update to let you know that I decided to migrate from
> Org-mode+LaTeX to ODF-and-related,

Inspired by Marcin, I should also answer my old e-mail. Thanks for the 

> particularly because of LPPL+GPL
> incompatibility, caused by LaTeX and related projects

Wait, is LaTeX non-free?

> and because
> ODF-and-related are easier for the other people to participate and see
> the changes

I disagree. Org-mode is great! Everyone should work on Org-mode.

> (no need to compile a .pdf nor to download 4 GiB of software).

I agree. Exporting to well-formated ODT would work for me.

> ODF 1.2 (which is used by default at least in LibreOffice 5) is good 
> and
> offers many features similar to Org-mode, including adding files to 
> each
> other, interacting with spreadsheets (look for "relative DDE link"), 
> and
> also offers bibliography/reference manageemnt, along many other things.

Indeed, but last time I used it for an academic document (many years 
ago), tracking changes was not a real option for version control 
systems. The file is a matrioska (compressed file), if I am correct.
> Although I do want to point out that you might want to go to View ->
> Disable "Show figures", so that LibreOffice Writer .odt documents are
> more editable and less slow.

Oh, this is great! This makes me think that tracking changes should be 
better now, is that the case? Is there a way to see a diff in Git, for 

> Also, note that you must recommend people to use LibreOffice to open 
> the
> files. Microsoft says to have support, but it's not excellent.

Always do. Some people still think of OpenOffice.

> You may also want to import other .odt/.rtf/.doc/.docx files inside the
> main one. The tricks are that if you do so using "Insert" -> "Section"
--- snip ---
> to add or delete the related links and their corresponding figures in
> the main .odt file. If someone has better solution please share.

This seems really useful, but I guess that filing a request on 
LibreOffice could possibly result in a more expedite solution...? (which 
seems that you did, alredy).

> Additionally, one can't do "Insert" -> "OLE Object" to insert .odg or
> .ods files because these *cannot* break across pages, and don't look
> good when printing. This OLE feature wasn't made for printing purpose,
> but to facilitate editing without leaving the same program. If I recall
> correctly, it's a Microsoft kludge.
--- snip ---
> Now you ask, how to insert the .csv files in the main .odt document as
> tables in a dynamic way (such that if the .csv contents are changed by 
> a
> external application, LibreOffice picks the modifocation)?
--- snip ---
> All in all, the command-line steps are great because you can append
> these in the main .odt itself (to be printed verbatim) using "Insert" 
> ->
> "Section", and since they are plain text files, it won't make the text
> start in new page (so you can write a section title before them).

It seems that you invested a lot of time on this, and it's appreciated, 
but this really makes me thank for Org-mode. It can just inteface with 

> Happy hacking! :D

Thanks a lot


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