[Assist] IceCat: SIGSEGV in safe mode: How to debug?

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Wed Oct 3 00:30:11 GMT 2018

On Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 12:15:11AM +0200, Rudolf Dovičín wrote:
> I try to build it by/from
> https://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat
> I have downloaded file
> https://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/plain/libre/icecat/PKGBUILD
> to my computer in directory
> ~/Debug/icecat
> I run command:
> LANG=C; LC_ALL=C; makepkg
> ==> Making package: icecat 52.6.0_gnu1-4 (Wed Oct  3 00:03:23 2018)
> ==> Checking runtime dependencies...
> ==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
> ==> Retrieving sources...
>   -> Found icecat-52.6.0-gnu1.tar.bz2
>   -> Found icecat-52.6.0-gnu1.tar.bz2.sig
> ==> ERROR: icecat.desktop was not found in the build directory and is not a URL.
> It probably wants all files from:
> https://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat/

Correct icecat is a complex build with many patches and such. 

> I try to get it by:
> git clone git://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat
> Cloning into 'icecat'...
> fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported:
> /abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat

You'd want to run something like:

wget -r -np -nd https://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat/

inside the directory toy downloaded the PKGBUILD to.

> (I do not know git, because I currently do not want to contribute
> there, I want only download missing filles for icecat.)
> Yes, I know, I can manually download them from:
> https://git.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/plain/libre/icecat/
> but it is withouth checking etc...
> Please, where is the error or how can I continue to build icecat with
> debugging symbols for error (SIGSEGV) reporting?

you could try strace to see what is causing the issue. 

The icecat builds are rather large. They take the better part of a day on my
core2duo machine so expect it to take quite a while. 

Can you say more about the error. Why are you trying to run in safe mode? What
architecture? What are you doing when it crashes? When did this start? etc?

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