[Assist] [Dev] High Importance

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Wed Jul 18 07:18:40 BST 2018

Lucid Eagle writes:
> It has come to my attention that there may be a trojan in the 
> official
> Parabola repos. As well as several other potential security 
> issues as
> well. They may all just be false positives, but this one is 
> rather
> alarming.

Thank you for your email, we will look into this.

As for the PUAs, you can pretty much ignore them. You really do 
not need
that setting to be enabled if you are not running an FTP server or
anything of the sort on your machine where "drive-by" attacks can 

As for the Trojan, I will look into it and report back if nobody 
does in the morning.

Brett M. Gilio
Free Software Foundation, Member
https://parabola.nu | https://emacs.org

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