[Assist] Install Problems

Drew drew at dangerfields.ca
Thu Jul 12 23:24:48 BST 2018

Trying to install systemd with calamares from a USB stick.  These same issues arise regardless of whether I am using an .iso downloaded direct from the web or via torrent and regardless of whether I boot UEFI or not. As the boot script is running by there is a highlighted FAILED line: <failed to start dhcpcd on wlp2s0> the script then stalls for 1:30 because there is a start job running the script then continues and the live .iso loads and becomes operational Double clicking on "Install Parabola" starts through the process.  I choose erase the entire disk. Installation begins, slowly gets to 15% or 16% of installing the root filesystem stalls for a few moments, jumps back to 13% sometimes pops up an Installation Failed window, sometimes just stalls forever. Advice please and thank you. Drew
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