[Assist] Strange sound problem

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Dec 2 01:01:48 GMT 2018

Jonathan -

i dont quite understand everything in that last post - are you saying
that your sound is all working as you expect and you are satisfied? - or
do you still have some trouble? - again, this issue is probably not
peculiar to parabola, so the upstream program support is probably best
able to help with using that program in detail - i would expect such an
important program as pulseaudio to have very good user support

assuming you want pulse audio and want to use only your headphones for
all sound, it should be this simple:

* if that one device is your headphones, reboot and disable the PC
internal sound card in your BIOS setting - or otherwise, boot your
computer with one sound card device

* ensure pulse is running and all your normal desktop sound are working
  as expected 

* start qemu without USB passthrough on its audio device

* qemu should be a normal pulseaudio client seen in pavucontrol on the
host - mixed with the host sounds

* if that works as expected, you can experiment with multiple sound card
if you want to

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