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firstly, i will assume that "FSM" is "Free Software Movement" but i
have never seen it said as "FSM"

On Sun 2018-04-22 06:17:49 AM - msuzuqi at tuta.io wrote:
> Question 1. What do you think that
> what is the FSM's purpose? And you are more or less concerned in FSM.

the purpose is simply to encourage computer users to use their
own computers for any purpose they choose - as opposed to being limited
to what certain softwares are designed allow the user to do - then
secondly to create new software where needed to help people accomplish
their tasks without limitations or impositions

you would probably be well as an introduction to the topic to see some
of the readings on the GNU website:


if you have more questions after that, the libreplanet mailing list
would be a good place to meet people


On Sun 2018-04-22 06:17:49 AM - msuzuqi at tuta.io wrote:
> Question 2.Do you have an own concrete desire which concerns FSM?

the main purpose of the parabola operating system is precisely that -
parabola is also "Free Culture" in addition to "Free Software"
meaning that the artworks and readings are distributed by the same
principles of freedom as the software
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