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My name is Masaru Suzuqi. This is the my first email here. I have questions about FSM.I thought which is the proper between dev and here for my questions. My questions are not technical matters. I was not able to judge which proper is. It might be not proper for both.
I would appriciate it if you could give me your opinion on it.
I have asked and discussed some my concerns about FMS in the forum of Trisquel with its users about since two months ago. I mean, I have already some answers but it is not enough.Because it seems they do not want to touch those topics very much. So some questions got answers but some questions were ignored or got flames.I hope that you users here fill my questions with your knowledge. Please share it with me :)
I understand some degrees of the purpose of Free Software Movement. But it is still obscure. 
Question 1. What do you think that what is the FSM's purpose?
And you are more or less concerned in FSM.
Question 2.Do you have an own concrete desire which concerns FSM?
Why I ask you about these questions is that  I am a nameless painter. I am also a philosopher. And I have several ESP.I have several purposes as my life works. I have devoted my all to the purposes. I think that some of those purposes are concerned with FSM deeply. It seems they have the same direction.Naturally, this kind of movements or purposes oppsose powers. Hence just participating in this kind of organizarions means having some degrees of risk, high or low. It needs determination which met the degrees of risk. I have enough powers to oppose the powers. I have been in the front lines a long time. I showed "off" my abilities to the Trisquel forum. Because I was thinking that they are more or less fighting with powers.I thought that these my abilities will help to them. I thought that we could help each other, but it seems all of them do not appreciate that, and there are not much risk. That state is that they might not care about FSM mostly.  I am looking forward to your replying.Please excuse my straight expression if you were displeased with it. I thought that the character of mailing list is not suitable for long discussion. So I stated such things first and forecast.If you would like to give a glance at the my abilities, below link would tell you somethings. Thank you for reading my maybe broken English!
Sincerely,Masaru Suzuqi

https://trisquel.info/en/forum/would-you-mind-helping-my-works <https://trisquel.info/en/forum/would-you-mind-helping-my-works>--
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