[Assist] Fwd: Problem with gpg key && iceweasel

Ben uaqben at disroot.org
Wed Dec 13 09:11:43 GMT 2017

On 12/07/2017 12:57 AM, bill-auger wrote:
> firstly PLZ let me say that i sincerely wish people would not quote the
> entire thread and quite only the particular sentences they intend to
> respond to - that last message was 45kb - 38kb of which was just
> repeated from the previous stack of posts - especially when readin on
> the web it make finding the actually relevant new additions tedious to
> say the least -
> https://lists.parabola.nu/pipermail/assist/2017-December/000975.html

Hi Bill,

My sincere apologies for that thread.

I was quite stressed that day, and wanted to make sure I was sharing all
relevant info.

At same time I knew I was sending long logs, and at first thought of
editing them or putting them on a pastebin-like site.

I decided against:

	1. external site: as we don't control them; and from an archive
perspective the thread could end up incomplete.

	2. editing: in case the relevant line(s) to fix my issue would be the
ones I edited.

However, what I should have done (and eventually did in last 2-3
messages) was to edit my previous message out when adding the latest

I surmize the better way to communicate would have been for me to do
such "clear previous message edits" on every new message I sent...correct?

It's a learning process. I'm on a few mailing lists, but I don't pretend
to have years of experience in collaborative [software] projects'
netiquette.. but I partake in the importance of clarity & brevity.

Thanks for your patience & help!


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