[Assist] Fwd: Problem with gpg key && iceweasel

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Dec 6 23:57:31 GMT 2017

firstly PLZ let me say that i sincerely wish people would not quote the
entire thread and quite only the particular sentences they intend to
respond to - that last message was 45kb - 38kb of which was just
repeated from the previous stack of posts - especially when readin on
the web it make finding the actually relevant new additions tedious to
say the least -

this issue with my key i still cannot explain - i have solved it on the
LIveISO system simply by re-installing the keyring although the date on
the keyring is months old its not clear why that made any difference -
more curious is why it made any difference for ben to manually sign the
key because the output of the previous --populate command clearly show
the key was locally signed

>>   -> Locally signing key 3954A7AB837D0EA9CFA9798925DB7D9B5A8D4B40...

what i can say is that my key expired last week and i renewed the expiry
date but it was on the same day of the previous expiry so it was
probably expired for that one day - i suspect that is at the root of
whatever is this issue and perhaps something about pacman is not being
as robust as it could be in this situation

as for iceweasel - i would wait a few days to upgrade it - andreas has
been working this week on upgrading to v57 and is nearly finished but
there are currently known bugs that need addressing

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