[Assist] Newbie at mailing lists

IngeGNUe ingegnue at riseup.net
Sun Sep 11 02:05:59 BST 2016

On 09/10/2016 08:07 PM, Megver83 wrote:
> Hi everyone, as I am  new in this thing of the lists and all that,
> I'd like some introduction.

Oh, you asked about the mailing list too. GNU/Linux-centric mailing
lists are fun. A couple points to always remember on any list, whatever
their rules, will be:

1. Always use plain text, no HTML formatting.
2. Always respond below the person you quoted.
3. Proofread!
4. Mailing lists are publicly archived, available for anyone to search
on the web. That includes your parents, your grandparents, and your
boss. Anyone. :) Also, they are immortalized on the web forever, and
will get mirrored to other sites!
5. Try hard not to reply too quickly (give time to think about it), or
too often (everyone on the list gets notified when a message comes through).
6. Avoid threadjacking: send a new message to the list to start a new
discussion. Sometimes people retitle a thread as part of ongoing
conversation, and this seems OK because it helps as the conversation

(I should also note that IRC logs are often posted to the web as well.)

This reference is good:

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