[Assist] ati radeon -- blank screen

dima at minignu.minidns.net dima at minignu.minidns.net
Mon Jun 16 09:51:05 GMT 2014


   After migration from freshly installed Arch to Parabola the screen is
   blank. Otherwise the system works - I can blindly login to it and
   issue commands.

   Currently I am talking about a text-only (console) installation,
   I dont have X installed. 

   The video card I have is ATI Radeon HD 5450 Cedar. I know that
   non-libre kernel used the *CEDAR*.bin firmware. I also know that the
   FreeBSD successfully used the VESA driver for this card.

   How do I setup this ATI video hardware in Parabola ?
   Particularly, should the libre ati-radeon driver basically work
   without the firmware - if yes how do I setup it? If not - how do I
   switch to VESA?


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