[Assist] Trying to install with wifi

Luther lutheroto at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 21:47:19 GMT 2013

Is it supposed to be possible to install Parabola with only wireless internet? My roommate has the router in his bedroom, so I moved my desktop to his room and tried for 2 hours to get the wifi working with the Parabola install disk, but nothing worked. (I had my netbook with me so I could read the wiki.) That expeience was very frustrating, so I won't be installing Parabola unless I can do it over wifi.

I have an Atheros AR9170 on a USB stick. It works fine with Trisquel. When I type 'wifi-menu', I get 'No such interface: wlan0'.

I get the impression from the wiki that the install disk is supposed to have packages on it, but any time I try to install anything, the computer tries to go online. I don't know what to think about that.

I don't want an LTS distro on my desktop, so if I can't install Parabola, I will try Fedora.

Luther <lutheroto at gmail.com>

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