[Assist] Reporting bugs

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Sep 27 11:13:27 GMT 2012

> When I try to report a bug against pilot-link (I follow
> a link from that package page [0]), I come to
> bug tracker page that is not package-specific;

There was a different bug tracker before, the links were not updated
while a redirection to the new one was introduced.  (Reported issue #200
for this.)

> after that I follow the "Project" link from the top
> of that page, then "Packages (i686 and x86_64)";
> that leads me to [1] where I fail to find the "New issue"
> at the top as documented per [2].

Register there or convince other developers that you don't need mail
notifications and we should allow anonymous submissions.
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