[Mipsel] Installation problems, updated base tarball needed?

吕宗庭 lvzongting at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 05:49:39 GMT 2013

   I meet the same problem and solve it in this way.I install a new base
from the old one.
   I boot with the old tarball, and run the following command,

      $mkdir -m 0755 -p "$newroot"/var/{cache/pacman/pkg,lib/pacman,log}
      $mkdir -m 1777 -p "$newroot"/tmp
      $mkdir -m 0555 -p "$newroot"/{sys,proc}

       #pacman -r target/ -Sy $newroot --config pacman.conf --arch mips64el

Then reboot,

       PMON> load (wd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre
       PMON> g root=/dev/sdb1 rw

With this way, I tar a new tarball, and upload in google drive

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