[Mipsel] Priority list

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Dec 16 09:48:37 PST 2011

> * Do we have video playback?

issue298 describes the X-side improvements which would be probably
needed for this.  Video players other than mplayer2 are probably

When I last tried it, mplayer -benchmark -noaudio awen-release.ogg (or
something similar) finished in 315s, while the video takes 260s.
Patching ffmpeg reduces it to 280s (but it makes the video green), so
there are improvements possible.  (I haven't tried scaling it to full

> * Do we have an office suite?

The only unreported problem is missing libreoffice.  After the lib32
rebuild is finished and issue304 is resolved I can try again building it
without Java.

> * What do you think it's currently missing?

Of packages which I wanted to use:

* libreoffice
* ghc (needs itself, i.e. semimanual cross compile)
* openjdk (like above, or with gcj)
* octave (needs umfpack with very strange build system)

WebKit GTK, QtWebKit and KHTML have partially known problems making
browsers using them useless on mips64el.

> Things we know we should do:
> * Make siliconmotion work

It works, needs documenting what modules are needed or making them not

> * Update icecat

Since we have no idea how to fix issue212, should we try fixing IceCat
7.0.1 build on mips64el and documenting what addons solve this issue?
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