[Dev] [UPDATE][PATCH] Updated PKGBUILD for inspircd

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Feb 21 09:18:39 GMT 2023

i changed the pkgdesc - it was too long, pkgdesc is not
supposed to repeat the program name, and "for Linux" conflicts
with the FSDG "avoid name confusion" prescription

it is OK to keep 'aarch64' in the arch array - we are slowly
moving toward an aarch64 port - some PKGBUILDs target ppc64le
already too

WRT the contributor attributions - you only need to mention
those those upstream identifiers for Maintainers - they are not
relevant for Contributors - the only usefulness of those is to
indicate from where to find changes to diff against - also, keep
the upstream identifiers all lower-case - the idea is to have
them be unique and machine-readable - there should never be
"Maintainer (Parabola):" - a PKGBUILD without any line exactly
like "Maintainer:" will be shown as orphaned on the website (no
maintainer) - for that reason, there should be at least one
maintainer (a line starting with "# Maintainer: ") - we have
been putting "# Maintainer: Parabola Hackers" with the dev list
email, for any without a dedicated maintainer

for inspircd, if you want to adopt the package, you can put
yourself as Maintainer:, because none was listed already - if
you do not want to adopt the package, then put yourself as

WRT thinkfan, that already has a parabola maintainer - we like
to give authority to each maintainer; so you should ask ovruni
if youd like to be the maintainer or co-maintainer

i set you to "Contributor:" of both thinkfan and inspircd for

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