[Dev] marble-qt: does it really need a libre version?

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Feb 15 21:09:32 GMT 2023

all of the marble-* packages are made from the same PKGBUILD -
they are all strongly-coupled to the specific version of
marble-common - that is the usual reason why marble-qt and
marble-maps are broken - only marble-common actually needs
treatment; but that breakage happens routinely if parabola
packages only marble-common - the entire set builds quickly; so
it makes most sense to build them all - that should prevent
marble-qt and marble-maps from breaking, or at least it will be
less often

i added this explanation to the PKGBUILD

#    Note: This is done to prevent breakage.
#    Only 'marble-common' requires the change;
#    but then 'marble-common' would need to be pinned
#    to (require) it's clients, which is weird.
#    For that reason, we build all split-packages.

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