bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Sep 4 01:26:30 GMT 2022

i found several things which dont look right - could you explain

* you added a compile option "-DHAVE_SSL=ON" - what is that for?
  - the arch PKGBUILD does not use that

* you deleted the compile option "-DENABLE_SHARED=OFF" - why? -
  the arch PKGBUILD does use that

* why did you add --force to all the `rm` - did the build fail
  without them?

* arch removed the dependency 'qt5-script'; but you did not
  remove it - i suppose that was just an oversight though? - or
  was there a problem compiling without it

i merged some of the changes and put them on a new branch
'wip-quassel' - let em know what you think of that

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