[Dev] [UNIFONT] package update

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Nov 27 14:20:31 GMT 2022

just to note that this PKGBUILD is still untidy

> # source=("http://unifoundry.com/pub/unifont/unifont-$pkgver/unifont-$pkgver.tar.gz"{,.sig})
> source=("http://unifoundry.com/pub/unifont/unifont-$pkgver/unifont-$pkgver.tar.gz")
> sha256sums=('7d11a924bf3c63ea7fdf2da2b96d6d4986435bedfd1e6816c8ac2e6db47634d5'
> #             'SKIP')
>             )
> validpgpkeys=('95D2E9AB8740D8046387FD151A09227B1F435A33') # Paul Hardy

so validpgpkeys is populated, but is will not be used - why does it not download a signature file; but suggests that it should?

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