[Dev] [BREAKAGE][OPENSSL][FDE] OpenSSL3 deprecation of whirlpool breaking FDE on Libreboot

Wael Karram wael at waelk.tech
Mon Nov 7 14:50:59 GMT 2022

As mentioned on issue 3368, OpenSSL upstream (issue 5118, github tracker)
deprecated the whirlpool hash algorithm (currently a compile-time option).
It seems that upstream (Arch) hasn't enabled the flag for it with OpenSSL3, this
will cause un-bootable systems on all Libreboot systems that followed the guide
on libreboot.org and/or the Parabola wiki for an FDE installation since 2018 at

I've opened an issue in Libreboot's bug tracker:
But I do think it is a good idea if a news item gets posted about this.

Kind Regards,
Wael Karram.

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